Focus for Prayer


Read Galatians 6:2

Stretch out your hands flat and cup one gently over the other, think about God’s caring and gentle hands and images of God as shelter, a safe place. Think about our church family and the community we are placed within; reflect on how we can continue to be a virtual place of shelter through our prayers and actions during this crisis.

Pray for God’s loving hands to cradle us all, to guide us all to the actions we are able to take to support one another and to reach out to our community from wherever we may be and in spite of the physical limitations of our enforced isolation. Pray for God to heal and restore opportunities for connectivity and community.


Read PSALM 139 7-10, ISAIAH 41:10

Put your hands over your ears (or use headphones) focus on the sense of being cut off from the sounds around you, think about times other than now when you have experienced loneliness and about ways that was endured, resolved or overcome.

Pray for Gods presence to be with those who are entirely alone and also with each one of us through this time of isolation, for patient endurance, graceful acceptance and an ever-increasing awareness of the blessings, which still remain.

Perhaps take time now to write or think of the ways you have been blessed today or in the past days.


Read 2 Corinthians 1 10-11

Focus on your breath, take a deep breath hold it for a moment and then let it go, as you continue to breathe focus on the inward and outward breath and contemplate the normally unconscious act of breathing.

Pray for those infected, for those who will need to be completely isolated because they are at such high risk of infection. For medical professionals, care givers, researchers and the leaders responsible for decision-making.


Not sure what to say, how to start?  Then click here to download some really helpful notes.