Bible Reading Challenge

Every June, we plan a service and events to mark the birthday of our church. This year marks the 54th anniversary and our celebrations will no doubt be a little different. However, a common theme from the last few years has been for Kingswinford Young Christians to set the whole church family a challenge and whilst Covid-19 presents a lot of those, it’s not going to stop us from asking you all to join us again. So for the month of June we are challenging the whole church family to join us in reading the Bible.

To guide us all, we have decided to follow the “A Word-in-Time” readings prepared by the Methodist Church - so those of you with a prayer handbook or who follow the readings online may be a step ahead of us - but so that everyone has access, they can be downloaded here

We may well read at different times and in different ways; some of us will be alone, some will read with partners or children; but before you read, maybe pray that God will guide your understanding; and as you read, note anything which shouts out to you – for you personally, for our church family and for the world.

Send Melanie or Megan your thoughts so we can bring them together and share them, and as June progresses, we will offer an opportunity to meet and discuss what we have learned from our study in virtual church, so watch out for an invite.  If you are able and want to read the reflections produced to go with these readings, you can find them daily right here.  We look forward to sharing in this journey with you and receiving your thoughts.  God Bless.

Update:  The August 2020 Bible Readings list is available here.