Kingswinford Methodist Church & staind glass from the church

Cross outside Kingswinford Methodist Church

A Poem of Hope

 Have you heard? Is it true?
Does this affect me and you?
Is there something I should do?
It’s all so uncertain – I wish I knew.

I know that it’s a virus,
And it’s really very bad.
They haven’t got a vaccine yet
So it’s spreading round like mad.

The politicians and the experts
Talk of this and that.
They show us graphs and talk of deaths,
And scare us with their chat.


“Be still and know that I am God.
I hold you in my hand.
Trust me, love me and love each other.
This is my command.

The future seems uncertain,
But follow me each day.
I know the plans I have for you,
And I’ll lead you on your way.”

We know God keeps His promises,
And that His word is true.
We must keep praying for His help,
With praise, and thanksgiving too.

So when the storm is over
And the fears all depart,
We’ll praise and thank and worship Him:
“My God, how great thou art.”

by Megan's mum - March 2020