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Kingswinford Methodist Church & staind glass from the church

Cross outside Kingswinford Methodist Church


Whether you are visiting our website whilst just around the corner or browsing from the other side of the world – Welcome!

The journey of life is also one of faith - faith in schools, governments, justice systems, roads, emergency services, health care…  Every day we put our faith in something and Church is a great place to explore that.  At Kingswinford, we’re not about religion and rules, instead God delights in us seeking out the deeper and more meaningful things of life - relationships rather than money, service rather than power, and love, lived out in community life - where we put others ahead of ourselves.

You don’t need to know the answers before you come to Stream Road, as church is a place to find answers and you certainly don’t need to be perfect before you come either.  None of us can claim that!  Jesus came to show us the very nature of God face to face, in practical terms.  He came to demonstrate that God is with us in all the mess of daily life and He came to teach us how to best approach each other and the world.  In following Christ’s example we seek to love God and our neighbour – Christ’s greatest command.

We believe God created us, gave us the very breath of life and placed us with purpose in this truly awe inspiring, fourteeen billion year old universe.  God created us all equal, valuable and precious in His sight.  In our church we rejoice in the diversity of humanity as we see the presence of God within everyone.  We therefore welcome all to share with us in the journey of work, life and faith regardless of race, ethnicity, political views, sexual orientation, age, ability or economic circumstance.  So come, find a home here, a safe place and above all an extended family – the family of God.

Rev Alan Combes - Minister.

Until we're able to attend collective, safe-spaced worship again; we offer the following notes and links:

  • Weekly services are available here.
  • Church is open offering you a quiet space from 3:00pm on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday afternoons in the month.
  • BBC Radio 4 (LW) has a daily Bible reading/prayer/reflection at 9:45am. 
  • BBC Radio 4 has a Sunday morning service at 8:10am.
  • Every Sunday Premier Radio plays hymns & songs at 8:00am and there's worship at 10:00am.
  • See the Latest News section of this website which includes prayers, relections and service texts.
  • Additional information and worship ideas can be found on the Vale of Stour website.
  • Latest online resources available here from Christianity.org.uk
  • Contemporary Christian comment on the world today can be found on the Joint Public Issues Team website.